Attention! Great Look out for and some awesome coupons.


This week was a great one; I received a great gift box from the mail by a company called

You may be thinking what this Item is and why is he so happy about it? We’ll the response is simple because It was Free! I only had to pay 0.99 for the shipment of the item that was directly dispatched to literally my doorstep.

I ordered Plasma (fucking Cool) lighter from CouponSmash, which definitely amused me as it works electronically and hey… great news, doesn’t run out of gas!

So the way to get this is also very simple. You have to get the promotion via Facebook some sited promote the offer. You give your email address and basically subscribe to the site to the site you pay for shipping 0.99 cents this depends on where you are located if you have to pay it or not.

Some days later I received this coupon that you have to fill out and return to them to their support email, make sure you read right the coupon so you make sure to provide a Proof of address (I just submitted an electricity bill where the address was shown, you don´t have to provide any personal information).

 To be honest I have never really been much for subscribing to anything on the internet but I think these kind of promotions are worthy enough to give a chance. I read both the terms and conditions and I am satisfied with CouponSmash. You get a coupon every month that is far more worth than the subscription fee. I just got my next one a Ck one Unisex perfume which totally worth it! I think CouponSmash is for my knowledge a legitimate company and I’ve read positive and negative reviews to make sure about this. My conclusion is: a lot of people do not read the terms and conditions and don’t know how to take advantage about the site.

Nevertheless, right on try this deals out you won’t be disappointed!


An Australian museum buys a coveted French fashion collection

The Victoria National Gallery in Australia  announced the acquisition of one of the world’s most coveted fashion collections, which includes works by Christian Dior and Coco Chanel.

The collection also includes designs by 130 artists, including Vionnet and Jeanne Lanvin, performed in a period ranging from 1800 to 2003, as well as a research file with unique notebooks and photographs by Yves Saint Laurent and Madame Grès.

The artistic works were acquired by about $ 984,858  to former designer Dominique Sirop, who began collecting these pieces at age 14 with the purchase of a black wool dress Paquin in 1945 with money loaned by his grandmother.

Givenchy house dressmaker acquired the rest of the pieces in diverse auctions in United States, United Kingdom and France.

The Dominique Sirop collection was purchased by the National Gallery of Victoria with money donated by Krystyna Campbell-Pretty in memory of her late husband, Harold Campbell-Pretty.

The Vespa Mototcycle

The Vespa is a motorcycle scooter line first manufactured in Pontedera (Italy) in 1946 by Piaggio & Co, S.p.A.

The presentation of the first 15 Vespa motorcycles took place in April of 1946 in the Golf Club of Rome. The parents of the new motorcycle were the entrepreneur Enrico Piaggio and the aeronautical engineer Corradino D’Ascanio. At the end of World War II, Piaggio had the vision of a comfortable, easy-to-handle and cheap means of transport. Piaggio commissioned a first project to engineer Renzo Spoli, in which the new vehicle is called Paperino, which means duckling in Italian, with a design inspired by the folding motorcycles used by English paratroopers. The project of the first prototype did not convince Piaggio and turned to the aeronautical engineer Corradino D’Ascanio.

The engineer, who liked planes more than motorcycles, designed a vehicle of revolutionary aspect for his time: he put the engine on the rear wheel and devised the front arm thinking about the landing gear of an airplane.

Piaggio continues to manufacture the Vespa today, although the Vespa was a much more prevalent vehicle in the fifties and sixties as it was chosen by the UK youth culture known as Mods, and later Skin Heads. The classic Vespas had unicorporal chassis pressed steel sheets, with body covering the legs to protect them from rain and mud. The engine was completely covered by a steel hood to protect against heat. Piaggio revolutionized the two-wheeled industry with the Vespa and produced a model in which virtually all other scooters have since been based.

The older scooters (traditional models) have manual gear shifts, controlled by turning the left handlebar while pushing the clutch lever and choosing between 3 or 4 gears. These traditional Vespa always had two-stroke engines, requiring a mixture of oil and gasoline to lubricate the piston and cylinder. In the early stages of its production and until the development of better materials and more efficient lubricants, the mixture of oil in the fuel produced large amounts of smoke.

The Vespa in United States

Increasing environmental restrictions forced Piaggio to leave the US market in 1985. The Vespas would have completely disappeared from the American scene were it not for the enthusiasts who kept the classic scooters on the road, rebuilding and restoring them. Vespa returned to the American market in 2001 with a new style, more modern, and offers several models with automatic transmissions and use four-stroke engines. First came the ET2 (50 cc) and the ET4 (150 cc), then later the Granturismo 200 and now a reborn PX 150. The successors of these models are the current scooter like the Piaggio X9 250 cc or the Aprilia SR 50 cc (With 50 cc).

To auction the piano of “Mama Mia”

To auction the piano of “Mama Mia”

Who does not remember ABBA with “Mamma Mia”? Well now the piano is auctioned with which he composed one of the most important songs of all history and with which it is expected to reach up to 57,000 euros for him.

It is an instrument of the brand Lidner with 73 keys, covered with oak veneers with which all the ABBA group songs published between 1972 and 1979 came out. The piece weighed a total of 75 kilos so it is considered light and small And precisely because of that because having a weight so minimal could be transferred from studio without any problem. It was Benny Andersson himself responsible for taking him to his house every season and then to the cabin in Viggsö to be able to compose songs during the summer.

To collect: Terrestrial Globes

The oldest terrestrial globe known was created in 1492, when Spaniards and Portuguese began their voyages to the Indian and discovered new territories, with their navigation routes.

For years they were valuable objects only within the reach of kings and nobles. They were elaborate and expensive to produce and held in high esteem. It is necessary to take into account then that to possess one of these balloons had to have “possibles” in addition to the sufficient knowledge on all the known territories, reason why it became to all a symbol of status.

Over time, they became more affordable although they remained precious pieces. Today the old earth globes are pieces coveted by their beauty and are a window to the world as it was conceived in those times.

The best specimens are very rare to find in the market.¨

Does the Condition matter?

As we have said with all the antiques, the condition in which a piece is found is very important. Small defects like a small scratch or repairs on paper are assumed in all ancient balloons as they are extremely fragile, Look for any dents, bumps or signs that you have suffered a fall or any damage other than the mere passage of time. Make sure that the base on which it is seated is stable and presents no appreciably significant damage. A quality base in good condition can make the difference between a good piece and an extraordinary piece. Many of these bases also incorporate a compass so that, if it is the case, it must be taken into account that it does not lack and that it works.

The Date, is it important?

The date of manufacture of a piece is very important? And so, globes before the first world war are ideal for most collectors, those belonging to the seventeenth century are among the rarest and most expensive, also decorative. Every globe also has associated socio-political knowledge of the time when it was made with territories yet to be discovered or a division of changing borders. It is curious to see how in the earth globes of a late eighteenth century, North America is simply a vast unexplored territory.

The World’s Oldest Surviving Terrestrial Globe exist in Germany. The globe shows the world as it was known in 1492 when it was created by Martin Behaim. The Erdapfel, or ‘earth apple’ in German, shows what people in the 1400s knew and thought of the world around them. Here you can see the globe below: