This week was a great one; I received a great gift box from the mail by a company called

You may be thinking what this Item is and why is he so happy about it? We’ll the response is simple because It was Free! I only had to pay 0.99 for the shipment of the item that was directly dispatched to literally my doorstep.

I ordered Plasma (fucking Cool) lighter from CouponSmash, which definitely amused me as it works electronically and hey… great news, doesn’t run out of gas!

So the way to get this is also very simple. You have to get the promotion via Facebook some sited promote the offer. You give your email address and basically subscribe to the site to the site you pay for shipping 0.99 cents this depends on where you are located if you have to pay it or not.

Some days later I received this coupon that you have to fill out and return to them to their support email, make sure you read right the coupon so you make sure to provide a Proof of address (I just submitted an electricity bill where the address was shown, you don´t have to provide any personal information).

 To be honest I have never really been much for subscribing to anything on the internet but I think these kind of promotions are worthy enough to give a chance. I read both the terms and conditions and I am satisfied with CouponSmash. You get a coupon every month that is far more worth than the subscription fee. I just got my next one a Ck one Unisex perfume which totally worth it! I think CouponSmash is for my knowledge a legitimate company and I’ve read positive and negative reviews to make sure about this. My conclusion is: a lot of people do not read the terms and conditions and don’t know how to take advantage about the site.

Nevertheless, right on try this deals out you won’t be disappointed!


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