The Victoria National Gallery in Australia  announced the acquisition of one of the world’s most coveted fashion collections, which includes works by Christian Dior and Coco Chanel.

The collection also includes designs by 130 artists, including Vionnet and Jeanne Lanvin, performed in a period ranging from 1800 to 2003, as well as a research file with unique notebooks and photographs by Yves Saint Laurent and Madame Grès.

The artistic works were acquired by about $ 984,858  to former designer Dominique Sirop, who began collecting these pieces at age 14 with the purchase of a black wool dress Paquin in 1945 with money loaned by his grandmother.

Givenchy house dressmaker acquired the rest of the pieces in diverse auctions in United States, United Kingdom and France.

The Dominique Sirop collection was purchased by the National Gallery of Victoria with money donated by Krystyna Campbell-Pretty in memory of her late husband, Harold Campbell-Pretty.


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